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Turbocharger for Isuzu|Opel


This product is a replacement turbocharger, produced in strict accordance with IHI series standards.
Application for ISUZU,Opel Fontera A 2.8 TD,Opel Monterey A 3.1 TD.

Part No.:
V130701001, VI95, VICC, VB180027, VD180027, VE180027, 8970385180, 8970385181, VA430023, VIAN, 860029, 860015, 860010, 8970863433, 8970863436, 8970863435, 897148076, 97086343, VA180027, VE180027,

All of the listed turbochargers are available new, in exchange and we will maintain them for you. For the not listed applications, we need the information from the identification-plate of the turbocharger. Everything will be handled by us for you from there.

Additional Details

  • Brand Name Spring
  • No. SP0324
  • OEM Series IHI
  • Engine Code 4JG2TC
  • Model RHB5
  • Application ISUZU,Opel Fontera A 2.8 TD,Opel Monterey A 3.1 TD
  • Build/Year 1991-
  • Cooled Type Water Cooled
  • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Power 84kw
  • Capacity 3100ccm
  • Weight 5.5kg
  • Place of Origin Fengcheng, China.
  • Warranty 13 Months

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