Product details

This product is a replacement turbocharger, produced in strict accordance with Komatsu series standards.


Komatsu Excavator

Part No.

6502129005, 6502-12-9003, 6502-12-9004, 6502-12-9005, 319032, 6502129003, 6502129004


  • Brand Name: Qingdao Spring
  • OEM Series: Komatsu
  • Engine Code: 4A-S6D155, SA6D155-4A-35
  • Build/Year: N/A
  • Cooled Type: Oil Cooled
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Power: 302/405/420kw
  • Capacity: 19.2L
  • Weight: 34kg
  • Place of Origin: Fengcheng, China.
  • Warranty: 13 Months

All of the listed turbochargers are available new, in exchange and we will maintain them for you. For the not listed applications, we need the information from the identification-plate of the turbocharger. Everything will be handled by us for you from here.

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